Arrogance Is Not Holy Reverence

Arrogance is far from The Holy Reverence of ADONAI <– and that is where WISDOM manifests.

First, DEFINE REVERENCE – especially how G-D Himself defines it. That will take some time, searching and thought. Now, differentiate between King Messiah’s Reverence and worldly reverence (or fear).

What or who have you ‘lifted and admired’ above ADONAI that can only produce worldly fears and dread and terror? It’s the same word: YARE (reverence or fear). But depending on which Way we are revering/fearing will determine what yield we can eventually expect: Reverential, Worshipful Awe or dreadful fearful terrors. YARE, like most Hebrew words, is its own contranym.

So then plead with yourself, asking, “What is my BACKDROP? Is it LIGHT of Messiah or is it one of darkness?”

 Two Lamps.

Think about how many situations you may have been irreverent to another soul – maybe in your own homes with a sharp, biting tongue…maybe the person you were thinking unkind thoughts about and the ‘haughty eye’ showed up in your expression…or maybe it was those church folks you look down on because they don’t interpret things the way you do (Ouch.)

One thing is CLEAR.

The way you treat Image-Bearers in your own home IS whom you have chosen to become.

That means this particular persona always shows up outside the home – no matter how much pretending you have become accustomed to.  Spiritually discerning people are not fooled though, nor do they reject you (just tenderly expose you!).  Thus, King Yeshua’s teaching on not becoming the hypocrite [‘masked actor on the stage who lives for the applause of mankind only’ (see Matthew 23)].  Masks are notoriously hard to breathe in.

We have countless opportunities to BE THE LIGHT of our Master Yeshua. But as we have seen and studied so much in The Living Word we are to ABIDE in, ‘BEING THE LIGHT of Mashiach’ REQUIRES an ongoing living sacrifice (Romans 12 – James entire book!) rooted in humility (that Good, Fertile Soil of Chesed – See Luke 8:15).

What remnants of irreverence are you refusing to put into The Holy One’s Hand? Or is your back turned to Him?

“How long will you REFUSE to humble yourself before MY FACE? Let My people go that they may serve ME!” (Ex. 10:3)

“How long will you REFUSE to GUARD MY Commandments and MY Torah?” (Ex. 16:28)

Where there is no HUMILITY IN ‘guarding The Commandments AND His Torah’, there is also NO LOVE | NO JOY | NO SHALOM. For these ALL come from The ONE Spirit of King Messiah’s LIGHT.

Children of LIGHT are not misled.  They understand that REVERENCING OTHERS IS REVERENCING ADONAI.

Have you been confronted by His Holy Spirit in this matter of King Yeshua’s Holy Defining and Refining Reverence? Yeah, me too. And beware when you find you’re not!

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