‘And G-d said’ Concerning Image and Likeness

Whose image are you elevating?

 And G-d said, Let Us make humankind in Our tzelem (image), after Our demut (likeness)…’ ~ Genesis 1:26

Today’s Purpose: ‘To WALK in my predestination to be CONFORMED to the PREEMINENT IMAGE of Yeshua’. (SEE Romans 8:29)

When The Ruach HaKodesh guides us to a deeper understanding of The Word, we begin to detest the former ways we have ‘done religion’.


I LOVE that The Tender, Faithful Father never CONDEMNS us for these childish, immature, unbelieving ways…but rather LEADS US BY HIS POWER OF CONVICTION TO WHERE HE IS: LIFE/LIBERTY/UNITY.


The Prophet Amos declares ‘How can two walk together unless they agree (or ‘made an appointment’ to come together)?’ ~ Amos 3:3

Each new day brings the question with it:

‘Whose Image and Likeness will you agree to be conformed to? Adam’s marred image/likeness (Genesis 5:3) or YESHUA’s glorious Image/Likeness (Genesis 1:26)?


It is of note that the word for likeness (demut) comes from the root word meaning ‘blood’. What might the Ruach HaKodesh be teaching us here about ‘remaining in the shadow (image) and blood’ of THE Delivering G-d?


What does this mean to YOU?

The image you are more concerned with – G-d’s or your own adamic one – is the image you will ultimately conform to.


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