Responding to The First Lament


 Adonai, God, called to the man, “Where are you?”

For context

Ayeka?’ is the penetrating question we contemplate each morning IN THE LIGHT OF MESSIAH that it may DIRECT OUR DAY(s).

It’s most often translated ‘Where are you?’  But its Hebrew meaning is much deeper than that.  Ayeka means ‘HOW?’  As in, ‘HOW DID YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO US?’

It is The Living Word’s FIRST LAMENT – The Father’s heart cry.  The Hebrew name of the Book of Lamentations is EICHAH…same word: ‘HOW?’

The intent of the question as Rashi describes below is ‘to open up a conversation’.  We humans are lax in our REAL conversations with THE DIVINE.  Conversations with HASHEM is the mirror from which we begin to ask ourselves the TOUGH questions.  Having conversations with G-D means having conversations with self (nephesh: the soul).

This self-reflecting ‘Ayeka?’ also means ‘WHERE ARE YOU NOW and WHERE ARE YOU HEADING, CHILD?’

HE is still asking us this poignant question with each day HE lends us.  For bound up within this question of Heaven is also ‘WHAT WILL BECOME OF YOU?’  We get to CHOOSE.  This is a powerful deterrent to walking aimlessly, which is the broad path filled with utter destruction (as most of humanity does – No AIM: NO TORAH).  Answer the question for yourself. AYEKA?


Remember the Words of Yeshua The Light (John 3):


The TRUTH is that our souls LONG to connect back to its SOURCE – The G-D of Heaven.  And until we HEAR HIS VOICE and begin to RESPOND TO HIS question, we will have an eating away – a gnawing of the soul unable to find meaning upon this earth.

The LIGHT invites us to destroy our hiding places that keep us far from His Healing Presence.




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