TORAH STUDENTS: We are building upon B’RESHEET – THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FAITH (AGREEMENTS!). Holding onto your worthless idols, Parents? Abraham CAST THEM OFF… Every soul has an IDENTITY CRISIS. Why? We are still consuming from and confusing The Two Trees… Whatever dysfunctions in our lifetime that we CHOOSE to not be delivered from, WE […]

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Days of Awe – What is Your Relationship to Spirit? To Truth?

‘In Messiah Yeshua’ means our RENEWAL/RESURRECTION LIFE BY THE RUACH HAKODESH. “Am I LIVING BY (or rejecting) G-D’s SPIRIT OF TRUTH?” If we cannot answer this question, we may be asleep… We are in THE TEN DAYS OF AWE ON G-D’S CALENDAR – the SEASON of sanctifying TIME in order to really see SELF, that […]

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Did you know that we OFTEN mistake our emotions FOR G-D’S VOICE?  How many times have you ‘heard and obeyed’ (shama!) YOUR OWN VOICE?  That is YOUR own CURRENT STATE OF EMOTIONS YOUR OWN ATTITUDES – YOUR OWN DESIRES – YOUR OWN APPETITES? It will only be in our individual and collective ‘TURNING ASIDE TO SEE’ that […]

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Musings from Mishlei

CONSIDER YOUR WAYS –> THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE. Proverbs 1 (Complete Jewish Bible) 1 The proverbs of Shlomo the son of David, king of Isra’el, 2 are for learning about wisdom and discipline; for understanding words expressing deep insight; 3 for gaining an intelligently disciplined life, doing what is right, just and fair; 4 for […]

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The Case of Mistaken BOUNDARIES

Men and women have erected the wrong boundaries: THEIR OWN. Whose Boundaries have you ERECTED, RESPECTED & PROTECTED? Do you know? Are you aware? Are they G-D’s?  Or are they yours? If yours, you get the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for.  Within the Torah, we find G-D’s Framework for properly erecting and building […]

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Responding to The First Lament

Genesis 3:9 The FIRST LAMENT and LIFE-LONG POINT OF CONSIDERATION  9 Adonai, God, called to the man, “Where are you?” For context ‘Ayeka?’ is the penetrating question we contemplate each morning IN THE LIGHT OF MESSIAH that it may DIRECT OUR DAY(s). It’s most often translated ‘Where are you?’  But its Hebrew meaning is much deeper than […]

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