Category: דרש Drash (Hb. ‘Diligently Seeking Truth’)

‘It is Written’

Just because we ‘have’ The Holy Spirit of G-d does not mean we live by The Holy Spirit of G-d. To LIVE BY THE HOLY SPIRIT is to LIVE in submission to The Seven-fold Spirit of G-d Who produces a DIVINE NINE described Fruit (Galatians 5). To CHOOSE to live otherwise, as a nominal ‘believer’, […]

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Worshipers of Spirit And Truth 🔥 Shavuot/Pentecost 🔥

The account of The Giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 would have been magnificently monumental to those there celebrating the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) that glorious day in Jerusalem. For them, they would have understood what was happening as a prophetic fulfillment from their prophets Jeremiah (ch. 31) and Ezekiel (ch. 11/36)…’The New […]

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Sanctified by Word OR Conformed to World?

Mereas, have you been introduced to the Truth of your personal sanctification?   Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. (James 4:4) Slow down James!  That’s a little harsh, don’tcha think?  I don’t […]

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Y’varekh’kha ADONAI v’yishmerekha!

The NEW DAY Blessing Y’varekh’kha ADONAI v’yishmerekha.  [May ADONAI bless you and keep you.]  Ya’er ADONAI panav eleikha vichunekka.  [May ADONAI make his face shine on you and show you his favor.]  Yissa ADONAI panav eleikha v’yasem l’kha shalom.  [May ADONAI lift up his face toward you and give you peace.]’ ~ Numbers 6:24-26 I love when my Dad comes to visit us.  Many of you know […]

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