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Worshipers of Spirit And Truth 🔥 Shavuot/Pentecost 🔥

The account of The Giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 would have been magnificently monumental to those there celebrating the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) that glorious day in Jerusalem. For them, they would have understood what was happening as a prophetic fulfillment from their prophets Jeremiah (ch. 31) and Ezekiel (ch. 11/36)…’The New […]

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Do I Need Counsel?

Who is your counselor? If you say, ‘I don’t have a counselor’, that’s completely UNTRUE.  You are already following a counsel of some kind. So, let me back up for a minute; proud humans have a great tendency to do what’s right in our OWN eyes: Deuteronomy 12:8 – “You shall not do at all what […]

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‘Make Them ONE as WE are ONE’ ~ Yeshua (John 17)

The Way to ONENESS with G-d is through ONENESS with others (in the Body of Mashiach). There are too many Believers who are not Followers. Why is that? Because they profess a ONENESS with G-d while they have NO ONENESS with their brothers/sisters. They have the ‘haughty eye’, a dishonorable self-imposed elevated status that has […]

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Emotionally Speaking…

I don’t want emotions to influence my thinking. My thinking should be influencing my emotions.  Where is my mind, then?  Where do I place it? Where have I left it? As I immerse my mind in the Living Word of G-d, His Holy Ruach sanctifies my emotions. This is to be influenced and governed by […]

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The Fleshly Work of FACTIONS

This is the ADMONITION of the Apostle (Paul), filled with G-d’s Ruach, to those living in the last days (acharit-hayamim) of this present world (‘olam hazeh). There is the world to come (‘olam haba).  But right now, Followers of Yeshua have righteous, holy works to do by His Ruach’s Power, not by our own human strength […]

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