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Feigned Religion and Our Marriages

‘Feigned Religion’ DESTROYS hearts and homes; and by extension, marriages and churches. Some call this the ‘spirit of religion’. However, it’s more accurately stated as HYPOCRISY…or as we will see later, ‘untrue/denying’.   Hyprocrisy (‘strange or destructive aish [Hb.]/fire’) is DETRIMENTAL to our marriages (and thus, our congregations) and too many are suffering needlessly. Yeshua […]

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What is my role today as wife?

Mereas, Recently, a brother in the Messiah sent me an email regarding his marriage and their prospective roles within.  I thought I’d share its content with you, perhaps to quicken our wifely hearts and REMIND us how, in one fell swoop, we can [yes, are called] to love those lovely hunks of men called husbands […]

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