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Mereas of Grace Bible Fellowship

Woman of Valor: A Proverbs 31 Summer ‘A Woman who reveres The NAME shall shine’ ~ Proverbs 31:30  Little Known Facts of The Woman of Valor The phrase ʻvirtuous woman/wifeʼ found in the original Hebrew Tanach (Hebrew Bible) as ʻEishet Chayilʼ literally means ʻWoman/wife of Valorʼ. A Woman of Valor is a hymn which is […]

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So, I’m thinkin’ about starting a group in my new neighborhood. I think I’ll call it aptly, “Mommies R Us”… What’s a group for, if it’s not for ‘support’? I’ve already written about the many parallels of ‘good bras and good friends’. And I’m serious, y’all! True dat. Ya see, our backyard is THE meeting […]

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