Chanukkah Gospel?

‘Chanukkah’ literally means DEDICATION. What might The Chanukkah Gospel mean, then?

What is The Channukah Gospel?  Well, I’ve actually never heard that term before, BUT stay with me!  Let’s explore…

In ‘The Divine Fire of Ezer Kenegdo’ teaching, I set before the disciples the following principle: THE GOOD NEWS is first proclaimed in Genesis 1:3 with the Divine Command, ‘Yehi Ohr!’ (‘EXIST, LIGHT!’)…And ‘Light existed’.

Prior to The Light, there was only tohu (worthlessness, chaos, confusion), bohu (total emptiness and waste) in the depths of choshek (darkness, obscurity).

So The Light has continued that we may respond! This HEALING LIGHT of Yeshua, The Word made manifest, enters into our own darkness bringing SHALOM & PURPOSE & FULFILLMENT where only chaos, worthlessness and emptiness once reigned.

THAT is THE BEST NEWS, my Friends and precisely why we (RE-)DEDICATE (chanukkah) ourselves by responding to ‘Let there be LIGHT!’

In its simplest form and application for us in our day, Chanukkah is the INCREASE OF YESHUA THE MESSIAH’S LIGHT in us through our sincere Dedication/Education (sacrificial training in His Spirit) symbolized in the EIGHT DAYS (typifying NEW LIFE in the Spirit!) OF INCREASING LIGHT.

Regarding the proper lighting of the Chanukkiah, the great Jewish teacher Hillel said one candle should be lit each night until all the candles are lit at the end of eight nights; since we are to be INCREASING IN HOLINESS, and not decreasing.

We often do not even understand that we’ve already assimilated into the worldly culture. This is the meaning of Yeshua’s very Name, however, meaning ‘deliverance from/victory over’ [assimilation]. LIGHT reveals before IT heals. LIGHT gives, guides and provides.

Just the simple act of lighting the Shamash Candle (Servant candle in the center) that ignites all the rest of the candles for EIGHT days will teach us glorious truths about our Saving Servant Yeshua and His Light of Healing Authority!

In Him was the fullness of life, and the fullness of life was The Light of mankind. Indeed, The Light in the darkness shines, and the darkness itself could not commandeer It. ~ John 1:4-5

The Hebrew vs. Greek mindset isn’t as much about the dueling thought structures and cultures here upon this earth, as it is about beginning to perceive the profound differences between the two types of kingdoms/the two ways (ONE of which may go largely unrecognized since it is not ‘from this side’, thus ‘spiritually discerned – see 1 Cor. 2:14):

Yeshua The Messiah’s Kingdom (which is ‘not of this world…not even from this realm’ – See John 18:36) is PERSISTENTLY DELIVERING US from the kingdoms of this world (that produce death, darkness, and discord) BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT’S LIGHT, LIFE, and UNITY.

Let us consider just the Hebrew word meanings of ‘hebrew’ and ‘greek’.  Ivri (‘hebrew’) means ‘from the opposite side, to pass over’.  Yavan (‘greek’) means ‘murky, mire from shallow waters’.

After mankind lifted themselves above ‘IT IS WRITTEN’ (Genesis 3), murky waters of darkness clouded the minds of the Image-Bearers.  As we all know, ADONAI ELOHEINU did not leave us that way.  HE SENT HIS LIGHT TO RESTORE US IN THE WAY OF LIFE!

DRAWING NEAR TO YESHUA THE MESSIAH always means drawing near to THE LIGHT where things formerly CONCEALED are REVEALED (in order to be HEALED).

May you and your family ENJOY The GREAT RESTORING LIGHT of Yeshua our Messiah!

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