We are often very uncomfortable with the DIVINE FEMININE.

This is only because we may not have explored teachings that embrace the Hebraic mindset where these concepts are known and practiced. However, we do need to press in and begin to understand more sufficiently the fullness of the nature of our G-D that we may not only mature in the faith, but begin truly building G-D’s Kingdom ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’.

For instance, EL SHADDAI is often mistranslated as ‘G-D Almighty’, but it’s more precise transliteration is ‘G-D The Breasted One’ as in a mother’s breasts that sustain and nurture the child.  The Hebrew word ‘shad’ means breast. This conveys nourishment and sufficiency to grow, protect, and sustain the child toward maturity, strength, and health.  It’s also a strong emotional connection.

This is WHO EL SHADDAI is to us, and for us!

ADONAI ELOHEINU is The One Who nourishes and sustains us intimately, beautifully and attentively.  Women who have breast fed their children can surely testify to the glorious intimacy and bonding involved with nursing her child.  It’s so much more than a simple feeding!

Another hint at our Great G-D’s Divine Feminine is COMPASSION.

The Hebrew word is ‘rachûm’. The Hebrew word for ‘womb’ is ‘rechem’. These derive from the same verbal root ‘racham’ meaning ‘to be merciful, show compassion’.  Undeniably, ADONAI ELOHEINU is teaching us that HOLINESS is THE CHESED OF ATTENTIVE, NOURISHING ‘WOMB-CARE’ to and for others.

Is this the case in your patterns and practices?

May both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – Ish and Ishshah – not only learn but also begin to embrace THE FULLNESS OF THE GREAT REVELATION OF ADONAI ELOHEINU!

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