Facing Myself

How well do you DECORATE?

I love to decorate my home. Most women do. My eye is always drawn to beautiful décor. I love to imagine how a room may be more inviting, brighter, more colorful or rearranged with pops of color here and there.

But the space and place that is ALWAYS in need of greater ‘warmth & a more inviting’ atmosphere is my inner life. In fact, there’s not just a room at a time in there that needs my consideration! And just forget the idea of even a single dwelling…there’s AN ENTIRE WORLD in between my ears needing adornment! (Yours, too, Ishah!)

How do we decorate it? Where do we start? And WHY would we even take the care to do such a (monumental) task?

In fact, what I propose is something you, Ishah, already understand to some degree. When you NEGLECT your inner adornment (inwardness) you are a WRECK. No amount of exterior paint & nice clothing is able to make up for the neglected inner self. Her divine work and preordained calling is to become more spiritually sensitive. That kind of adornment and inner cultivation is where LOVE, JOY, SHALOM & HOPE dwell in abundance.

To NOT PRACTICE pnimiyut is to remain largely unaware in life, to life. No woman is able to afford this kind of neglect of her soul. In fact, every soul around the spiritually sensitive (aware) Ishah (Woman) will benefit from her attentive and ongoing care to ‘inwardness’.


1 Peter 3

In the same way, wives, [arrange yourself under] your husbands; so that even if some of them do not believe the Word, they will be won over by your conduct, without your saying anything, as they see your respectful and pure behavior. Your beauty should not consist in externals such as fancy hairstyles, gold jewelry or what you wear; rather, let it be the inner character of your heart, with the incorruptibility of a gentle and tranquil ruach. In God’s sight this is of great value. 


The Message of the Ruach is crystal clear (when you’re listening): a Woman who cares to adorn ONLY the exterior is a woman not walking in her Divine Design. She only clothes herself with the ‘things of this world’ and she, as well all around her, experience the consequences of her great inner neglect.

Assess your current situation and ask yourself: How much time do I spend adorning my exterior only for the world to see? How much time do I spend adorning my interior where my King sees and His Ruach lives?

Whether you realize it or not you are heavily led and influenced by the condition of your inner life (unsanctified emotions/erroneous beliefs about yourself). This is why you confuse and mistake your voice for God’s Voice much of the time.

There’s One Truth/One Voice we should ‘shema‘. When you daily sit, stay and commit to His Word, you are adorning the world in between your ears with His Beauty, His Holy.

Make time for the Word of God to speak and HE will adorn you with a beauty that no one is able to take from you.  This Adornment draws many (Psalm 40).

The Greek word for ‘adorn’ is kosmeo meaning ‘to arrange and put in order’. The root of kosmeo is kosmos meaning ‘a harmonious arrangement’.  What does this remind you of? [Genesis 1]


(Do you know what your inner world is like without the adornment of the Ruach HaKodesh? An episode of Hoarders.)


Pnimiyut – inner adornment/inwardness


Psalm 45:14

This word פְּנִימָה  pniymah comes from the root word paniym meaning ‘face’.

Truly, the only way to be made whole, healthy, and continually conformed to the Holy Image of Yeshua is to come FACE TO FACE with ourselves through the revelation of His Word.

Agreeing with His Ruach as HE exposes Truth is for the cause of freeing our bound inner selves. This is inwardness. This is pnimiyut. This is what Ya’akov did when he received his new name. This is wrestling with God. And this is scary…but entirely necessary and exceedingly BEAUTIFUL.

When we do not give time and attention to allowing The Word of God to speak directly to us, we can never face ourselves.  And if we do not come ‘face to face’ with ourselves, we CHOOSE TO remain ‘double-minded, unstable in all our ways’ (James 1:8). (Gk. Dipsychos double-minded, lit. ‘two breaths’).

Always, every day and in every situation ought we be practicing PNIMIYUT. This is ADONAI’s beautiful will for you, Merea.



  1. Adonai longs to bless us and for us to become more and more like Yeshua. Adonai sees us … it’s if we radically circumcise our hearts, press in, and consciously choose to seek Him that He will reveal the strong woman He created.

    Beauty is truly shown more and more as we reach for our Abba, our Daddy.

  2. When we aren’t living our lives in agreement with God and his ruach we fear being exposed. The more I am in agreement with him, the more exposed I become I feel more free, confident and beautiful.

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