Mereas Leaders Intensive Course

This custom course is designed for LEADERS to become more effective and intentional in their Shepherdess’ role within a group.   Talmidim (disciples) are ‘Shepherds of the Soul’.  Additionally, the Leader must understand her incredibly anointed Role to lead by example in the Commitment both to God’s Word and to God’s People, especially within an ongoing *small group setting.

Shepherdess, are you well fed in The Word?  What does God’s Word really say about LEADING EFFECTIVELY?  Let’s explore these Truths together.

You will come away with a new understanding of your role as a Merea, a deeper look into the Original Text (Hebrew/Greek word studies), and additional helpful concepts and ideas for Shepherding your group intentionally, effectively, and prayerfully.  This is Biblical Discipleship REDISCOVERED!

Based upon the needs of your group of women leaders, I offer this in THREE or EIGHT week sessions!

Contact me for details!

(Cost varies – Local Leaders Groups or Skype ability!]

*This is ideally suited for leaders leading Home Fellowships.  However, if you are a WOMAN WHO LEADS in any capacity in your church or workplace, you will want to equip yourself with these teachings, building up your spiritual arsenal!

Read The Shepherdess Standing Guard

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