The unbinding of the Ishah within, truly began in the year 2013 with Carmen’s Torah teaching.

Simplicity is such an elegant dimension in life, if we but recognize it!  In all simplicity, I say that my unbinding as Ishah in my marriage, my home, and in all of my relationships, has created a Holy Fire to draw close to Yahweh Yahweh El … inside the Tabernacle … within the perfection of HIS Sacrifice, nearby HIS Lampstand of Holy Oil and Light, and in front of HIS Mercy Seat where I can lay my burdens down, for I am loved and desired by HIM.

This is the motivation of Ishah…to SEEK His TabernacleHIS dwelling place…and lay at the foot of HIS Mercy Seat as HIS daughter, every day of my life.  When this is the first thing I think of when I awake, and the last thing I think of in the darkness of my bedroom, I am Ishah!  

Holy Fire is my energy source, and it fills me, from Yahweh Yahweh El. ~ Sydney, Merea and Torah Student

Destiny Unveiled (group) hosted Carmen a week ago and it was one of the best ways to end the year. We were able to dissect a few chapters in Genesis and the Lord had His way in the conversations. Carmen is such a gifted teacher who asks great questions that puts women at ease, which helps to build interaction. I would highly recommend her to speak to another woman’s group. She helps women to dig deeper, draw near to the Lord and experience bible study in a fresh new way. ~ Destiny Oribhabor, Destiny Unveiled Founder

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