An Ode to ADONAI and Seasons He Brings

If the sun were always shining and there were never any showers,

Gone would be the butterflies and the beauty of the flowers

And so it is with you and I, the plantings of our LORD

Secrets and wonderful plans He whispers through His Holy Word!

Heavenly Father plants us gently.  Soon after, we take root

Patiently, He waits for His tender little shoot

Heaven’s rains begin to fall amidst the clouds and scary thunder

‘Are you still there?’ the Tiny Plant begins to wonder

I AM right beside you’ says Heavenly Father with a smile

The rains I have sent…but only for a while

Just when I think I am surely headed for some definite doom!

I feel something moving, changingcould that be a bloom?

Suddenly the rain subsides, the sun breaks through, and its rays caress my face

‘I thank you,  my Heavenly Father, for Your warm, relieving grace!’

Compassionately He speaks:  ‘Look how you’ve grown through this replenishing rain!’

My hand never once left you as you struggled in your pain

See, now, your lovely petals, My sweet smelling flower?’

I make all things beautiful in its time!’ He spoke out in His power

When I planted you in the soil, I already saw what you would be

I use both rain and sunshine to fulfill My plans for thee!

Rains I do allow for My holy life-giving reason

But Precious child, remember…It is ONLY FOR A SEASON.’

If the LORD hadn’t helped me, I would have soon dwelt in silence.  

when I said, ‘my foot is slipping!’, Your grace, LORD,  supported me.  

When my cares within me are many, Your comforts cheer me up.  

Psalm 94:17-19

Baruch atah ADONAI Eloheinu! 


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