The ‘C’ Word: Commitment (It’s Costly!)

I learn so much about myself and about human behavior in general through the in-depth study of God’s Word.  I’m talking about taking a   

L O N G    H A R D    L O O K   at This Living Word, word by word oftentimes.
Commitment.  I’ve had a problem with it for as long as I can remember.
Like everything else, I never realized this about myself UNTIL I came face to face with me IN THE SCRIPTURE.  HE exposed me to myself…
This had always bothered me about me.  

HE EXPOSES in order to FREE.

Please don’t forget that.  Come into agreement with it as quickly as possible!
That’s how He rolls.
‘How can I stay with him?  I’m incapable of loving someone forever!  I get too bored and too tired of the same ol’ same ol’.  I don’t even keep ‘best’ friends around.’ 
Ugly, but these are thoughts that went through my head often before committing to my husband, Stacy, in marriage.   Come to find out, what I was mostly scared of was me.  I didn’t understand me – at all, not in the least!  So anything, anyone around me couldn’t stand a chance either.
Synonyms for commitment:  engagement, guarantee, pledge, promise, and responsibility, obligation, pact, accountability & agreement.  Don’t ask me for none of that’, my ruthless flesh would say.  “I don’t owe anyone anything.’
Why do we have such a hard time COMMITTING?  Why are we so non-committal?  (I like that word btw…)
Commitment is like Covenant.  In fact, it’s the same thing.   To enter into a Covenant (b’rit) with someone means to be ‘in alliance’ with them.  Have you ever thought about it like that?
Jeff Benner of writes this about Covenant/Commitment:
“I believe that one of the reasons our culture has avoided words such as “covenant” is because it is a commitment. Our society today in general does not like commitments.
Everything that belongs to God is holy. This includes; His people, covenants and Torah. There is one enemy of God who detests all that is holy and will do everything in his power to make it unholy. Everything that God consecrates, Satan wants to desecrate. The Bible has many examples of Satan’s desecration of God’s people, covenants and Torah throughout the First and New Covenants. By the time Yeshua came, Satan had almost completely desecrated all that was made holy. Would it not also be part of Satan’s plan to desecrate all that is holy in our time?”
Why yes, Jeff, it would.
Why am I talking like this?  Well, it’s because I perceive a great hindrance to The Light of the Messiah flowing through His own.  

God’s Children largely have a lack of COMMITMENT to His Word of Truth and because they do, they naturally have a lack of COMMITMENT to one another.  

I am my sister’s keeper and she is mine.  However, what if my sister doesn’t want to be ‘kept’.  That happens…a lot.  I deal and have dealt with a fair amount of this.
Commitment also has to do with devotion.  ‘Wholly devoted’, as is found multiple times in Scripture means not being half-hearted with your devotion.  You get the point…

Commit your way to Adonai;trust in Him, and He will act. ~ Psalm 37:5

 Commit your accomplishments to ADONAI and (HE) will securely and firmly establish your thoughtful intentions (plans). ~ Proverbs 16:3

Commit = Hebrew gâlal meaning ‘to roll away together’
Galal has the meaning of ‘round and rolling’.  When you think of something round, it rolls, right?  It moves, right?  However, if the object had edges, it would come to a halt rather quickly.  It would hesitate and remain stationary. 
So, which describes you?  Do you ‘roll with ADONAI’, progressing and moving forward with Him in the study of His Exposing Word?  How about with others (which is what His Word is about…your continually renewed relationship with ‘others’ by His Spirit)?
Or, are you living CONTRARY to your High Calling?  Are you edgy, hesitant and motionless when it comes to commitment to His Word and to His People? 
Man, can we find out so much about ourselves when only we COMMIT to His Word…and to one another.
The root of all godly commitment is GIVING.  GIVING of the REAL DISCOVERED, EXPOSED YOU and your time, treasures, talents, etc.  Basically, commitment is the giving of your ‘מְאֹדֶֽךָ me’odekha – that is, your ‘very’. 

Biblical discipleship is about falling in love with THE WORD and falling in love with ONE ANOTHER.  This – walking in The Spirit – does not happen without a commitment to both.  (see John 17)
To whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required.
Will you COMMIT yourself to His Word?  Do you understand COVENANTAL HOLINESS?
Will you COMMIT yourself to His People (that brother or sister?) – for better, for worse? Are you willing to enter into a Holy Alliance that brings FREEDOM from self-bondage and all that is common/profane in this world?
For the sake of All Things Holy, just Roll with it, Sister


  1. When I read about "Galal"…Rolling… I think of the forgiveness and acceptance of our round,soft hearts!

    When I begin to live in a state of continual forgiveness, then my thoughts can "roll right over" the darts and schemes of the enemy, as he reminds me of past hurts, and present fears
    BECAUSE of those hurts.

    When I consider this, I visualize the floating on my back down the river of His Living Water…as He takes me OVER and AROUND all that could crush me or stop my FLOW…MY GO…
    as I allow His spirit to move me in grace and forgiveness to the next destination with Him.

    Thank you for this important lesson! I pray for all whom I love that they too, learn it
    by His Spirit.

  2. This is definitely me, I'm slowly feeling my rough edges being smoothed off. It is in no way easy and I have to participate ! I want to be lazy and let it just happen. That is not how it works, that just brings disaster- mostly for me but for those around me as well. It's for sure my flesh that doesn't want to get too committed for fear of it being messy. But then I am left lonely. Digging into Gods word and allowing Him to transform me is teaching me to trust Him with commitments to the people around me and to Him and it is bringing about a richness and fullness that l only partially felt before. It's like an awakening in my heart!

    Thank you Carmen for your commitment and how it is now flowing to us and pointing us in the right directi ! 😘

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