The Shepherdess Standing GUARD

Shepherdess.  Standing.  Guard.
Each one of these words has incredible significance.  Consider each word carefully.
Every teacher should be worthy to imitate.  Every Disciple of the Messiah, found worthy to emulate. 
How do you SHOW someone to follow our Rabbi Yeshua?  By FOLLOWING Him yourself.  This is a demonstration.  This is walking in His Ruach.
When my now 19 year old Sonshine Caleb was a wee lad in his blue and white teddy bear highchair, I taught him how to pray.  I’d touch the top of his head and bow it down.  I’d then take his little chubby hands in mine and begin to pray.  One day as we began to pray, I forgot to help him bow his head.  And so, he unclasped his hands, lifted one hand on top of his head and pushed it down and then folded his hands back together.  He was now ready for prayer!
In his impressionable young and pure baby mind, pushing heads down in prayer was the way to begin any serious conversations with our God!
This example of imitation brings me to the question for the Shepherdess.

Are you worthy to imitate in your guarding of His Word?


A Faithful, Effective Shepherdess WILL BE STAMPING OUT Biblical illiteracy.   

Why?  Because she understands her ROLE AS GUARDIAN over God’s Word.
God’s Word was meant to be GUARDED.  The WORD was given to Adam.  Ezer Kenegdo was given to Adam to GUARD WHAT WAS HOLY.  God’s Eternal Life-Giving BREAD.

“I have food to eat that you do not know about.” ~ Yeshua (John 4:32)

God’s Word is Holy.  God’s Word is Important.  And HOLY IMPORTANCE is intended to be GUARDED with your life…because it BRINGS LIFE.
Ezer Kenegdo was the Guardian responsible for protecting Adam’s Word from ADONAI ELOHEINU.  To guard is in a woman’s nature. 
In hearing and thinking about Psalm 119 as I went for a stroll yesterday morning, this was so impressed upon my spirit.  
Since we areguardians, we WILL be guarding something.  

I’m either standing guard over HIS WORD OR I’m standing guard over my own comfort.  


How can a youth purify/cleanse his way of life – by GUARDING THE WORD.
~ Psalm 119:9






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  1. The truth about the role of Ezer Kenegdo…The Guardian of what is Holy in our territories…our homes and relationships…is a Holy Fire!

    This Holy Fire to 'point all people and things to His Light Life and Unity is
    a burning-of-the-coals deep inside of us! For many years of my life as a woman,
    wife, mother, sister, daughter, I felt the Holy Fire to 'point the way' and to live
    it out loud!

    But now, to have the Hebrew illumination of what I felt deep inside…but had NO WORDS
    to identify, gives me much SHALOM! I am grateful, and humbled by this journey with Adonai.

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