We have A LOT OF WORK to do, Holy Spirit!

We have A LOT OF WORK to do today on my Emotions, Holy Spirit!

Women are emotional creatures. It has EVERYTHING to do with the way G-d ‘banah’ (built) her (Gen. 2:22). She is ‘built to Cling to The King of LIFE’ and Water Source for her husband and family.

In order to do so, she must be sensitive to the things of G-d’s Spirit. The problem arises when we are just ‘sensitive’ to things of this world. We need to be ‘trained in righteousness’ by the Holy One in order to grow in *UNDERSTANDING and learn to discern the difference.

Clinging to the King means we partner with G-d’s Spirit to evaluate and eradicate (clean up!) toxic emotions that have been hindering His Healing Light, our walk, and our mission in life, FOR LIFE! Of course this is not easy for an emotional creature that has long since trusted in her own emotions as ‘truth’.

But, it is IN THE SURRENDER of certain emotions BY DOING GOOD, what is unnatural (‘It is Written’), that our healing comes forth. More Light means MORE ‘Love/Joy/Peace’ of the Holy Spirit.

*The word בינה ‘biynah’, (understanding) in Hebrew and the word בנה ‘banah’ (built) share the same root letters ‘beit-nun’ meaning ‘build, tent panel, intelligence’.

Regarding the creation of woman, it is written:

Interestingly enough, from this verse the Talmud states that woman’s understanding (intuition) is greater than man’s.  Therefore, he should pay special attention to her advice in worldly matters.  If this is true, and I believe it is, IN ORDER TO FULFILL OUR PRESCRIBED ROLE (Ezer Kenegdo) as we cling to The King, it should cause us to deeply consider WHOSE VOICE(s) we are heeding and what voice is ‘leading’ us!

Let us CONSIDER today’s MISHLEI (Proverbs):

What are you ‘TRUSTING’?

The parsing of Mishlei 28:26 looks like this –>

‘The one who trusts in her own ‘emotional state of mind’ is foolishly confident in the wrong things, but the one who JOURNEYS WISELY WILL (slip away, escape) BE DELIVERED’

That is GOOD NEWS, indeed!

The healing of our ‘minds’ is not a passive waiting on G-d’s Spirit. It is a VERY ACTIVE separating of LIGHT from darkness WITH G-d’s Holy Spirit Who IS bothunderstanding’ and ‘wisdom’ (see Isaiah 11).

THE EVIDENCE of a spiritually sensitive woman ‘TRAINING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS’ by The Spirit of Grace and Truth is a FRUITFUL LIFE lived in the reverential awe of ONE holy, instructive VOICE.

If ‘bible study’ alone could change us, it would. What is required then, is THE HUMILITY OF BEING UNBOUND by others in close, anointed community. In other words, our UNBINDING REQUIRES ANOTHER.  This is Yaakov’s counsel in the book named after him (James):

James 1:21 – NAS – Therefore, (A) putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, (B) IN HUMILITY RECEIVE THE WORD implanted, (C) which is able to save your **souls.
James 1:21 – WH – διο αποθεμενοι (5642) πασαν ρυπαριαν και περισσειαν κακιας εν πραυτητι δεξασθε (5663) τον εμφυτον λογον τον δυναμενον (5740) σωσαι (5658) τας ψυχας υμων

(**nephesh – mind/will/emotions/appetites, etc.)

G-d has called you, Human, to THE UNBINDING in The Holy Spirit so you can then return the Holy Favor to another worn-out soul.  That IS KINGDOM BUILDING!  See the context of John 11:44 and Yeshua’s Instruction, “(Y’all!) UNBIND him and let him go.”

(Yeshua The Messiah was obviously Southern.)

By not ‘doing good’, that is agreeing with the Holy Spirit’s REVELATION, we open ourselves up to deceiving spirits that wreak havoc on our souls and therefore, marriages and homes.

By the way, some of us are hell-bent on keeping OLD mindsets.  But, THE GOOD NEWS is that you no longer have to be!  Choose WISELY.  CHOOSE LIFE.

‘The one who trusts in her own ‘emotional state of mind’ is foolishly confident in the wrong things, but the one who JOURNEYS WISELY WILL (slip away, escape) BE DELIVERED’ – Proverbs 28:26

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