Marriage and ‘Submission’ – what might it look like?


Marriage takes an incredible amount of WORK to succeed. However, the workers first need proper VISION or they don’t know how/what to build. Thankfully, when you look carefully, you GAIN VISION.

I must HUMBLE MYSELF in order to GAIN THE VISION to RESPECT my Husband.

And Stacy must HUMBLE HIMSELF in order to GAIN THE VISION to LOVE me.

What does ‘submit’ really mean in the original Text and what happens when we understand it?

Ch5v33 How do we see to it that he becomes a MAN OF RESPECT? We are to ‘respect’ (fear/reverence/stand in amazement & awe) him. Phobeo in Greek, in context its equivalent is the Hebrew yare meaning ‘to stand in awe at the presence of a great sight!’

Do YOU feel that way about your husband? Why or why not? Could it be something you are or are not doing? Our actions/words/looks (conduct!) will either BUILD HIM UP (pr. 14:1 & 1 peter 3) or tear him down. The GOOD WIFE makes him RESPECTABLE in the eyes of others: pr. 31:23).

Elsewhere she is told she must be TRAINED how to LOVE (husband and children in Titus 2) and he needs to SEEK TO UNDERSTAND her G-d designed role so that his prayers aren’t hindered (1 peter 3).

I asked ‘why or where’ in Scripture is the man instructed to RESPECT (phobeo/stand in awe of) her?

I could find this nowhere!  Why? I believe it’s because he doesn’t struggle with that at all!

Think about it!

I think ISH (man/husband) ALREADY STANDS IN AWE OF HER!! Think back to when you and your starry-eyed lover first fell in love!!!! Have you CONSIDERED PROVERBS 31 IN ITS FULLNESS?

He ALREADY stands in awe of her…

He trusts her with his heart/mind! He is known and respected BECAUSE OF HER…His tongue is PRAISING HER all the time SAYING: GURRRRRL! ‘A GREAT MANY DAUGHTERS ACCOMPLISH THINGS WITH GREAT EFFICIENCY (chayil: valor/strength) , BUT YOU ASCEND/SHOOT FORTH and are SET WAY ABOVE THEM ALL.’ 

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