The Problem with Hierarchical Thinking


[hahyuh-rahr-kee, hahy-rahr-]

noun, plural hi·er·ar·chies.

The problem with thinking in hierarchical expressions is that someone is always looking up to a higher position and someone is always looking down upon a lower position.

Synonyms for hierarchy: Ladder/Grading/Order/Pyramid

You get the point.

When Yeshua FLATTENED THE HIERARCHY by His Sacrifice, HE raised up something NEW by His Resurrection. It’s no longer you looking down on me with a spirit of superiority or me looking upon you with a spirit of inferiority.

How do you FEEL when you look at someone? That should be very telling to you.

That’s the problem with worldly labels, they limit. But with NEW LIFE comes NEW VISION. We see things as they have become through the Blood of Mashiach!

No longer is there a pyramid. Roles remain, yes, but the spirit within changes, equipping us to accomplish things of G-d’s Kingdom. Now, by His Spirit, we ‘see’ that WE COMPLETE, not compete. That is GOOD (functioning as designed!).

We do this as we’re on the same level with the same mission: PROCLAIMING LIBERTY TO ALL CAPTIVES. In Mashiach, we are ENABLED to FULLY be/do according to the works HE’s prescribed for each of us. It’s done together – one Spirit.


Ephesians 2:10 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

10 For we are of God’s making, created in union with the Messiah Yeshua for a life of good actions already prepared by God for us to do.


If you think about it, so much of what STOPS us from being/doing as The Spirit of Liberty commissions is FEAR (of man…which is a snare!).


Proverbs 29:25 – ‘The fear of man is an entrapment, but whoever trusts in Yahweh is too high for capture’.


This person is free.

We mustn’t let labels define and limit us. Rather, let us allow the LIFE OF CHRIST to refine and free us.

The spirit of superiority is LIMITING.

The spirit of inferiority is LIMITING.

This life comes with labels, but that doesn’t mean we have to let them stick.

Only Yahweh takes us to the place ‘too high for capture’ when we trust Him over fearing mankind.

What I’m saying is that we just NEED NEW EYES because Kingdom-Vision looks eye-level to complete, rather than ‘I-level’ to defeat.

In Mashiach (Christ), there’s no longer the bondage of feeling superior or inferior.


Galatians 3:28Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

28 there is neither Jew nor Gentile (color), neither slave nor freeman (class), neither male nor female (gender); for in union with the Messiah Yeshua, you are all one.

When you’ve acquired NEW EYES, you understand there’s zero need to any longer feel inferior or superior in your community, in your workplace, in your church, in your marriage.

Everybody’s gifting and equipping is unique and purposeful. We can celebrate that when we’ve been given Kingdom-Vision; and therefore COMPLETE, not compete. HalleluYAH! Amen!

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