Whose VOICE will She AGREE with?

In Genesis 2:18-22, ADONAI G-d PREPARED Woman to ‘understand’ herself and her calling that she may be bold and equipped to BUILD His Kingdom.

The word used when making Woman is ‘BANAH’ –

‘The rib which ADONAI G-d had taken from the person, He BANAH ISHAH’ (Gen. 2:22).’

BANAH literally means ‘TO BUILD’.   It is the root word of BIYNAH, or UNDERSTANDING.

HE BUILT (banah) ISHAH TO ‘UNDERSTAND’ (biynah).   The sages say that ‘Woman was made with a greater understanding’ because of how the Torah describes this process in Genesis 2:22. Why would that be? It is to ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION AS EZER KENEGDO.

However, if she does not UNDERSTAND His Voice, His Mission, His Calling, she will never fully understand herself.  A lack of BIYNAH will make her quite senseless, frightened, and destructive.

Today’s Mishlei:

‘The WISDOMS of WOMEN BUILDS…’ – Proverbs 14:1

The Hebrew is PLURAL for wisdom in Proverbs 14:1.


This is Ishah that ADONAI G-d instructed the Man (Ish) to ‘leave his father and mother and cling to’.

SHE is BUILT TO BUILD. Therefore, SHE MUST GROW IN UNDERSTANDING. She must be trained for the war she’s already fighting.

Are you engaged in your Skilled Swordsmanship Training Camp? See Proverbs 9:10-Lit. ‘Techilla – The Opening (up)’of chokmah (skill for living/war) IS the reverential awe of YHWH, and da’at (intimacy/oneness) with Holiness (or The Holy One) is biynah (understanding, insight, foresight, hindsight, intelligence, ability to discern between two things).’ The Sword of The Spirit is our ONLY offensive weapon against the Adversary.

Sidenote:   You will see WOMAN continue to be promoted in this world as ‘ANGRY FEMINISM’. She is loud, she is frustrated, she is restless, and she is destructive (promoting all kinds of death/division/darkness).

This worldly woman’s voice has grown louder in recent times and will continue to grow louder and more destructive UNTIL THE WOMEN OF G-D UNDERSTAND WHO THEY ARE AND BEGIN TO WALK IN G-D’S ANOINTING, that is, according to HIS VOICE (HE Alone is G-d), by HIS Spirit. This simply means she will have to cease agreement with the enemy’s voice(s) whether in her head, in the world, or in the pulpit.

Women and Men must understand that we have a VERY REAL ADVERSARY.  And the Adversary came to HER in the Garden of Eden to ‘impede her mission’.  Whatever it takes in her world, the Adversary will use it to attempt to keep her from FULLER UNDERSTANDING and ULTIMATE AGREEMENT WITH G-D’S VOICE.

Unfortunately, we may not always recognize a ‘voice’ as being ‘bad’ for ourselves, thus impeding our mission TO BUILD UP in our time.  However, this is exactly WHY The Holy One in His Anointing ‘gifts’ us His Chokmah (wisdom), Biynah (understanding), and Da’at (knowledge).

Our WARTIME STRATEGY changes with wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

THAT is our problem, isn’t it? ‘So many voices’ in our heads mean confusion, shame and fears of all kinds.
Yeshua, The Word Who proclaimed ‘Yehi Or!’ (EXIST, LIGHT!) in the very beginning, IS That Voice. And it is by His sacrificial blood that we offer ourselves up to Him DAILY in order that we may ‘hear The One Voice’ that brings us LIFE/LIGHT/UNITY.
And YEHI OR! Continues to be HIS Message of separating out the darkness from within, Children of The Light.


Whose voice will YOU agree with, Woman?

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