‘Put away all filth and obvious evil’ – James 1:21


The purpose of Mussar (spiritual discipline) is to RECEIVE. As we RECEIVE, we see how to RESPOND and far less likely to REACT to life’s problems and pleasures.

Receiving THE RUACH’s COUNSEL that = STRENGTH TO HEAL (understand the Vision of MenOHRah) will also involve doing away with ‘feelings of shame’ that may arise.


‘boosh’: wither up, dry out, stink

SHAME is an emotion that comes directly from the divided mind. We see shame’s face in Genesis 3 after Chavah and Adam choose to eat from the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’.

Shame is a very strong emotion that must be not only CALLED OUT/INVESTIGATED, but is a filth that must be dealt with and done away with (see Yaakov 1-3). Shame comes from the divided mind (not UNITED MIND of Mashiach). It does not come from the Kingdom of ONE-ness/Light.

Not dealing with it, calling it out and doing away with it, may be the sole reason that many of us do not move on to RECEIVING THE HEALING COUNSEL OF LIGHT that liberates the soul. Shame, again, does not come from the Ruach of Emet (G-D’s Spirit of Truth).

When someone whose COUNSEL IS SOLID/HEALING confronts something in you, do you ‘shrink back and wither’, feel intense shame OR DO YOU RECEIVE, acknowledge, confess, and so correctively TURN BACK TO LIGHT/MESSIAH?

Let’s RECEIVE by doing away with all that hinders His Light and our freedom.


Yehi Ohr! (Let there be LIGHT!)


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