Beware of Spiritual Laziness


It’s not like we have an option to work or not to work.  Not working IN any relationship is actually a ‘bad work’ in and of itself, as it CREATES DYSFUNCTION.  Let’s see why…

We are already CREATORS as we were created in The Creator’s Image and Likeness. In a marriage, both must INTENTIONALLY CREATE GOOD.  Failure to PURPOSEFULLY CREATE GOOD – this IS ‘work’ – results in UTTER DYSFUNCTION.  Failure to ACCOMPLISH THE GOOD WORK produces the destructive fires of dysfunction (ra: evil, bad).


The spiritual sluggard teaches us what NOT to accomplish, how NOT to be WITH EVERY RELATIONSHIP.  EVERY RELATIONSHIP ought to be HOLY UNTO ADONAI so that it bears MUCH fruit.

The spiritual sluggard, i.e. ‘lazy person’ in this Mishlei teaches us great value about our homes and marriages.  This one puts zero effort into his relationships – not with ADONAI and not with others.  Yet, he largely expects them to be FRUITFUL anyhow!  ‘Let this other person sow into my life!’

He fails to recognize that no effort of GOOD SEED-SOWING means he CREATES ‘a weed-infested stench of a field, choked and barren’.  If you want to follow the cautionary tale of the sluggard’s path, LOOK HERE!

The spiritual sluggard is swallowed up by his own appetites, desires, emotions, attitudes, and limited understanding.  He/she is a man/woman given to ‘the nephesh’ (their beastly nature).

The Hebrew in verses 30-32 reads,

‘I passed by the field of the lazy person and by the vineyard of the human in need of heart (the mind led by The Strong Authority), and LOOK! It was entirely taken away with weeds, the face (of the field/vineyard) was hidden with weeds, and its wall of stone was torn down.  I SAW THE VISION AND SET MY MIND (on The Vision), I closely inspected (The Vision) and SEIZED MUSSAR (laid hold of The Turning of my head onto The Way of LIFE/BLESSING).’


The sluggard taught the Chakam (wise one) who received The Holy Vision for his life!  May he teach us as well…

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